New NordVal Certificate

  • NordVal 047: HyServe Compact Dry ETC for enumeration of
    Enterococci in water intended for human

Compact Dry are ready-to-use dry media sheets comprising culture medium and a cold soluble
gelling agent, rehydrated by inoculating 1mL diluted sample into the centre of the self diffusible
medium. The Compact Dry ETC method contains chromogenic medium and
selective agents for the detection and enumeration of Enterococci, which according to the
manufacturer's instructions appear as blue colonies after 24hr incubation at 36 ± 2⁰C.


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New version of NMKL Procedure No. 25: "Recovery information in analytical measurement" is available.

The purpose of this guideline is to provide information on recovery in analytical measurement, to outline where recovery is applicable and where it is not, and to explain how to use recovery information for quality control purposes. The term Apparent Recovery will be presented, and its practical applicability will be explained.

In the new version, corrections and further clarifications have been made.

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New Guide on Reporting of Sensory Data

"Guidelines for reporting sensory data" NMKL Procedure No 28 (2014) has been made available. The Procedure describes how to present and validate sensory data. Further how to analyse the data statistically. It describes both non-parametric tests, such as paired test, dup-trio-test, trinagel test, n-out of m tests, Friedman's test, analysis of variance and principal components analysis.

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Comparisson between NMKL and ISO methods

En sammenlikning mellom NMKL og ISO metoder er utført basert på resultater fra sammenliknende prøvinger (ringtester) arrangert av Livsmedelsverket i Uppsala, Sverige. Se sammenlikningen her

Evalueringene illustrerer at resultatene for NMKL og ISO metodene på Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, Enterobacteriaceae, aerobe mikroorganismer, Bacillus cereus, E.coli og koagulase positive Staphylococcus gir ekvivalente resultater.

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New Guide on Sampling

A new version of the NMKL Procedure No. 12 on Sampling is available. The procedure describes how to sample, what to consider when designing sampling plans, during withdrawal of samples, the transportation and pre-treatment. In this procedure you are also introduced to uncertainty deriving from sampling.  

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Courses for microbiologists

Nordic courses for laboratory personnel at microbiological laboratory

Time and place of the courses
25 Nov. 2014 National Food Agency, Uppsala, Sweden
20 Nov. 2014 Matis, Iceland
24 Nov. 2014 Finnish Food Safety Authority, Evira, Finland
27 Nov. 2014 Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Norway
27 Nov. 2014 Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Denmark

Who should participate?
The courses are aimed for laboratory personnel at microbiological food and feed laboratories.
The course will give introduction to different analytical techniques, sample preparation, control of equipments, validation and verification of methods.

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NMKL/Eurachem Workshop on Measurement Uncertainty

NMKL and Eurachem are arranging a joint workshop on Measurement Uncertainty (MU) for Chemical Food and Feed Analysis. The relation between MU and bias, target MU, MU from sampling, MU in Non-destructive analytical methods and in multi-component analytical methods will be discussed.

The workshop will be held 29-30 September 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Registration to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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