Requirement specifications

There is an updated list of references in the NMKL-Prosedyre nr. 17.

The procedure describes what you should considerate when buying analytical laboratory services. The guidelines include current requirements that should be considered in a call for tenders.

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New Guide on Reporting of Sensory Data

"Guidelines for reporting sensory data" NMKL Procedure No 28 (2014) has been made available. The Procedure describes how to present and validate sensory data. Further how to analyse the data statistically. It describes both non-parametric tests, such as paired test, dup-trio-test, trinagel test, n-out of m tests, Friedman's test, analysis of variance and principal components analysis.

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Sensory analysis of meat and meat products

This guide (NMKL Procedure No. 29) is intended for objective sensory analysis of meat and meat products and is focused on the matters to which especial attention must be paid in sensory analysis of meat and meat products. The procedure is elaborated in a project group under the lead of Camilla Bejerholm, Technological Institute, Denmark.

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Courses for microbiologists

Nordic courses for laboratory personnel at microbiological laboratory

Time and place of the courses
20 Nov. 2014 Matis, Iceland
24 Nov. 2014 Finnish Food Safety Authority, Evira, Finland
25 Nov. 2014 National Food Agency, Uppsala, Sweden
27 Nov. 2014 Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Norway
27 Nov. 2014 Copenhagen University, Denmark

Who should participate?
The courses are aimed for laboratory personnel at microbiological food and feed laboratories.
The course will give introduction to different analytical techniques, sample preparation, control of equipments, validation and verification of methods.

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Comparisson between NMKL and ISO methods

En sammenlikning mellom NMKL og ISO metoder er utført basert på resultater fra sammenliknende prøvinger (ringtester) arrangert av Livsmedelsverket i Uppsala, Sverige. Se sammenlikningen her

Evalueringene illustrerer at resultatene for NMKL og ISO metodene på Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, Enterobacteriaceae, aerobe mikroorganismer, Bacillus cereus, E.coli og koagulase positive Staphylococcus gir ekvivalente resultater.

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The methods are available in either Danish, Swedish or Norwegian together with the English version. Most methods are also in Finnish / English version. All methods are available in PDF format and can downloaded or forwarded on e-mail. 

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