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List of NordVal international certificates

Aerobic microorganisms

NordVal 033  HyServe Compact Dry TC, HyServe GmbH &Co KG,  expires: 01.12.21    

NordVal 018  Hygicult TPC, Aidian,  expires: 01.02.23



NordVal 017  Campylobacter real-time PCR, Eurofins Steins,  expires: 01.06.21

NordVal 039  BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay, Qualicon Diagnostics, expires: 01.12.21


Coliforms, E.coli & E.coli O157

NordVal 020  RAPID' E.Coli2, Bio-Rad, expires: 01.12.21

NordVal 035  HyServe Compact Dry CF Total Coliforms, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires: 01.12.22

NordVal 036  HyServe Compact Dry EC Total Coliforms/E.coli, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires: 01.12.22



NordVal 034  HyServe compact Dry ETB, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires: 01.12.22



NordVal 047  HyServe compact Dry ETC, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires: 15.02.23



NordVal 022  RAPID' L.mono, Bio-Rad, expires: 01.05.22

NordVal 025  foodproof Listeria monocytogenes, BIOTECON Diagnostics, expires: 10.06.21

NordVal 037  iQ-Check® Listeria monocytogenes II, Bio-Rad, expires: 01.10.22



NordVal 023  foodproof® Salmonella Detection Kit, BIOTECON Diagnostics, expires 10.06.21

NordVal 030  Dupont BAX® System PCR Assay, Qualicon Diagnostics, expires 01.05.22

NordVal 032  Rapid’Salmonella, Bio-Rad, expires: 01.12.22

NordVal 038  iQ-Check® TM Salmonella II kit, Bio-Rad, expires: 31.12.21

NordVal 041  Salmonella detection method by real-time PCR, Eurofins Steins Laboratorium, expires: 08.03.22

NordVal 046 Salmonella Velox, DNA Diagnostic A/S, expires: 06.09.21



NordVal 042  HyServe Compact Dry X-SA, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires:01.06.21

NordVal 049 RAPID’Staph, Bio-Rad, expires: 20.05.22


Yeast and mold

NordVal 043  HyServe Compact Dry YM, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires: 01.06.21

NordVal 050  HyServe Compact Dry YM RAPID, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires: 15.06.22


Chemical methods

NordVal 048  LactoSens®R, DirectSens GmbH, expires: 07.03.23

NordVal 051  BRT Inhibitor Test, Analytik in Milch Produktions- und Vertriebs-GmbH, expires: 01.03.23

NordVal 052  BRT MRL Screening Test, Analytik in Milch Produktions- und Vertriebs-GmbH, expires: 01.03.23

NordVal 053  BRT hi-sense, Analytik in Milch Produktions- und Vertriebs-GmbH, expires: 01.03.23







NordVal International

NordVal International is an independent third party that evaluates the quality characteristics and applications of alternative chemical and microbiological methods in the analysis of food, water, feed and environmental samples.

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