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Matrix list for Campylobacter

Matrix group


Types (matrix)

Example of items

Milk & dairy

Raw milk and dairy products

Raw milks and/or fermented/acidified milks (not heat treated)

Raw milk



Raw meat and ready-to-cook meat products (except poultry)

Fresh meat (unprocessed)

Carcasses, meat cuts, Carpaccio's

Minced meat, meat preparations, Carpaccio's

Carcasses, swabs, rinsates

Ready-to-cook (processed)

Frozen burger patties, marinated beef shish-kabobs

Ready-to-eat, ready-to-reheat meat products

Cooked meat products

Cooked ham, pâté

Fermented or dried meat products


Raw cured (smoked) (aw > 0,92)

Filet de sax, lard

Raw poultry and ready-to-cook poultry products

Fresh meat (unprocessed)

Carcasses, meat, cuts

Carcasses, swabs, rinsates

Minced meat, meat preparations

Ready-to-cook products (processed)

Seasoned chicken breasts

Ready-to-eat, ready-to-reheat meat poultry products

Cooked meat products

Cooked turkey filet

Fermented or dried meat products

Chicken sausage

Raw cured (smoked) (aw > 0.92)

Smoked turkey filet


Eggs and egg products (derivates)

Eggs (unprocessed)

Shell eggs

Fish & seafood

Raw and ready-to-cook fish and seafood (unprocessed)

Fish (unprocessed)


Shellfish (unprocessed)

Oyster, clam, scallop, mussel

Crustaceans (unprocessed)

Shrimp, crab and crab meat, lobster


Fresh produce and fruits

Cut ready-to eat fruits

Fruit mixes

Cut ready-to-eat vegetables

Bagged pre-cut leafy vegetables, salads, shredded carrot

Produces grown in or in contact with the ground

Potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, cassava, dahlia, carrots, cruciferous vegetables


Soy, fenugreek, alfalfa, mung

Raw fruit/vegetable juices (unpasteurized)

Freshly squeezed strawberry juice, smoothies, carrot juice

Leafy greens

Basil, cilantro, green onions, lettuce and parsley

Vegetables and fruits (unprocessed) not described above


Multi-component foods

Multi-component foods or meal Components

Ready to (re)heat food: refrigerated

Cooked chilled foods, boiled rice or pasta, vol-au-vent in vacuum

Ready to (re)heat food: frozen

Frozen fries, pizza, stuffed croissants

Environmental samples

Environmental samples (food or feed production)

Equipment or production environment

Swabs, dusts

Waters used in manufacturing process

(Recycled) washing water, process water

Primary production samples (PPS)

Primary production samples (PPS)

Animal faeces

Swab samples (boot socks), faeces rectal

Environmental samples and non-faeces

Dust samples, hygiene swabs, water from drinkers, litters, hatchery samples




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