NordVal International - an independent third party who reviews alternative methods

NordVal International offers:

  • A user-friendly validation protocol
  • Scientific confirmation policies
  • Specified acceptance criteria
  • Independent and rapid approval procedures
  • Guidance in the validation process


Certification by NordVal International

An accepted NordVal International validation assures test kit users and producers that a kit’s performance characteristics are found to be in compliance with claims, demonstrating equal performance with the reference method.

The persons involved in the validation and in the reviewing process are independent, i.e. they are not involved in sale or production of the alternative method of interest or any "competing" method.

NordVal International certifies microbiological as well as chemical methods.

As to microbiological methods NordVal International certifies methods according to ISO 16140-2. NordVal Protocol 1 is equivalent to this standard.

As to chemical methods NordVal International Protocol 2 is a guideline. However, individual protocols must take into account any specific regulatory requirements.

In the blue box to the right you can find the NordVal International protocols. You can also find information about workflow for the certification process, laboratory requirements, matrix lists for several bacteria, a price list as well as the application form and renewal form.

In March 2007 the NordVal secretariat was taken over by NMKL, the Nordic Committee on Food Analysis. 

Hilde Skår Norli, Norway, is the chairman of NordVal International.

If you have any questions, please contact the NMKL secretariat.